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Our horses are in CONSTANT training.  Their prices may increase without notice.  We will work hard to find you the best fit of training/personality and height for your desires in a horse.  You will find many pictures by click on the horses NAME.  Full descriptions on each horse.  Please email us at for more information or call 650-269-6866 to speak with Holly about any horse that interests you. 

PONIES, MINIS and Other Breeds


Horse Name Age Height Notes Breed Price skill level
Anita 1993 14 silver classified, broodmare Haflinger mare 800 companion mare
Chloe 2001 14.2 finshed cutting mare w/t/c Reg. AQHA mare 3000 beginner
Spike 2017 15+ projected Liberty x Sky haflinger gelding 4800 novice, green broke
Rita 2015 14.2 projected World Class x Stormy Arabian x haflinger filly 3800 intermediate
Santana 2004 32" black mini stallion, cart trained miniature 1200  
Adriana 2017 14.1 arnak x sky haflinger mare 3800 dressage prospect
Sage 2017 15+ projected Antique Lace x Sky haflinger gelding 3800 Dressage prospect
Phoenix 2018 15.3 + Chance x Earl mule gelding 2500 gorgeous mover, will be 16+ hands
aria 2018   arnak x sky haflinger filly 2500  
Sven 2019   Liberty x Sky haflinger gelding 2500 pending tall and stout, SUPER friendly
Shafer 2019   Sakira x Sky haflinger colt 3000 WOW, mover and looker
TIMID BEGINNER Person who has seldom to never been around horses, OR person who has had a bad experience and needs an EXTREMELY calm, gentle horse. Horse is well trained and is suitable for a therapy riding program, lesson program and is very calm
Beginner Person who has been around horses and is learning to ride.  First time horse owner, youth rider just learning to ride Horse is well trained and is suitable for a therapy riding program, lesson program and is calm but may have energy if asked
Advanced Beginner Person who rode as a youth, person in lessons, rider able to walk/trot/canter on their own. Youth in lessons and/or trail time Horse is well trained and is suitable for a therapy riding program, lesson program and is calm, horse will to w/t/canter.  Any energy level as long as it is well behaved
Novice Person is riding well.  Trail time, show time or playdays.  Person is good around horses and knows to read horses behavior/manners.  Horse is trained but needs additional time schooling for trail/show or some riding/driving.  Horse in training that is showing exceptional aptitude and sensible, calm behavior.
Intermediate Person is willing to train/school horse. Horse needs additional schooling/training.  Is riding under saddle or driving in harness at least walk, trot.
Experienced Person able and willing to train a horse from the ground up.  Person willing to send the horse into training with a trusted trainer.  Horse at any level of training


Dakota 2010 15 rides w/t/c trail Haflinger mare sale pending sold, thanks brenda! Adv. Beginner
Biscuit 2016 14.2 rides w/t/c Mule gelding sold novice
Glitter 2006 32.5" drives, very well behaved mini mare amhr reg sold timid beginner
Neeon 2006 14.2 1/2" rides, drives, trail haflinger gelding sold, thanks Jenny beginner
Cinco 2019   Hava x Earl mule gelding sold, thanks hilary and luke stout and gorgeous
whats up 2018   missy x Windstar van Ostee haflinger gelding sold, thanks david !  
Zann 2007 14.2 3/4" rides, trail, english, western haflinger mare sold, thanks Barbara! beginner
Hayabusa 2012 14.2 3/4" rides, trail, western haflinger mare sold, thanks Diane! Adv. Beginner
Arnak (ana) 1999 14.3 rides w/t/c and broodmare haflinger mare   Novice  colt at side born 4/15/19, in foal for 2020
Lady 2002 13.3 rides, drives, trail haflinger mare sold, thanks Aimee! beginner
Jaguar 2005 15.3 rides w/t/c trail endurance arabian gelding sold , thanks Diane! novice
Alemanio 2000 14.1 rides well w/t/c  videos! haflinger STALLION sold, easy to handle on the ground.  needs novice or better rider.  fully Licensed SILVER CLASSIFIED "9" in movment!! intermediate
Flash 2007 14.1 1/2 rides w/t/c/trail mammoth gelding sold, thanks Linda! Adv. Beginner
Spot 2016 14.1 and growing Sakira x Sky haflinger gelding sold, thanks Chris novice
Amigo 2003 15.1 rides, sorts, endurance, cattle Quarter gelding sold Adv. Beginner
Zoe 1996 14.3 rides, trail, therapy haflinger mare SOLD, thanks Cory timid beginner
buster 2018   izzy x charlie mammoth jack sold  
flo 2018   celine x charlie mammoth jennet sold  
Sebastian 2017 14.2 projected Ceyla x Sky haflinger filly sold, thanks susie WELL conformed dressage prospect, will be 14.1 +/-


*Payment plans available on an individual basis, we do accept major credit cards through PayPal. We must charge a 3% additional fee if you choose Click the icon to go to Paypal.

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