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Dakota TLF, born 4/19/2010,  Sire: Arno Van Het Neishof, Dam Ducati TOF  Dam and sire both SILVER classified.

Dakota is a dressage prospect.  She is light on her feet, long low mover with good balance
and a nice attitude.  Dakota has a lovely walk, trot and canter.
Sire is a Elite rated Haflinger stallion in the United States 
Dam is an imported Silver Classified mare by the Austrian stallion Saphir.  See  Ducati TOF Her offspring are located around the world.

Dakota is working walk, trot and canter at this time.  EXCELLENT canter, great collection. She is a slow moving mare who has great collection. soft snaffle, regular saddle.  LOTS of groundwork has been done. She will lunge, free lunge, ground drive, work with all the in hand trail obstacles and rides walk, trot, canter  and trail riding.  We have taken it slow and steady with Dakota. Born, imprinted, taken on trail along side her dam as a foal. worked with from birth. trusts and works WITH her humans.  November 2018,  currently on lease to a friend for her daughter while their mare heals.  back in january 2019 sometime.

Videos:  play ball  free movement  riding june 2015  Cody and Dakota july 2015  August 2017 Cassie work session, canter, turnbacks, reverse august 2017 Cassie work session August 2017 Cassie work session  Leilonnie (youth rider) February 2018  gate 2-2018

CHEYENNE,  BORN 3/10/2015,  chance oos x sky's the limit wsf

started under saddle

Rita, born 3/4/20115, Arabian x Haflinger Stormy x World Class

starting under saddle december 2018, videos coming soon

Vayda CRHF, born 2004, AHR#23733-04 Sire: Netscape  Dam: Vidual HOS   sold

video: walk, trot, canter (sorry for the camera messing up, not all is well focused) march 2017

GLITTER, DOB 4/4/2013 SIRE:  World Class   DAM: Gypsy (unregistered) SOLD

Glitter was born into this world with a great family who played ball, toys, leading, trail obstacles etc. with her from the day she showed
any interested in humans (day ONE).   She has grown into a very nice filly who is riding walk, trot, canter and trail.   Young so after two months
of riding we are giving her a break.   READY to go to a person who wants a NICE smaller filly who will be their best friend.  NO issues and no
problems at all in training.   she is confident on trail and enjoying riding so much. she is going to be a total kids horse. raised by an owner who introduced
 her to obstacles and toys from birth. She was WELL handled and taught to trust and adore her humans. now riding on trail and is BRAVE.
stands 13.3 3/4" november 2016, haflingers grow to age 7. Her sire is 14.3 and dam is 13.3. from her cannon bone measurements I expect her to finish 14.1 to 14.2

Continued introduction to the world is needed but will be simple. So far all her reactions are ones of curiosity and happy desire to learn more.
This is a mare that takes all you can teach her and asks for more. No issues no unsoundness, no sickness. fully vaccinated, dewormed, barefoot and SOLID hooves.

Videos:  riding june riding june

Aurora of Castle Rock, AHR# 32208-11 dob 4/22/11    Nickerson SFF x Anka Lou both parents SILVER classified.  SOLD

this is going to be a VERY laid back riding pony.  Rora will stay small unless something REALLY changes.   She is very very friendly,
easy to get along with and will be a fantastic family pony for youth or small adult.  Hafys are stout and the rider is 145# in the videos
but I don't feel a bigger person would be comfortable on her.   SHE LOVES to pull cart!!!  driving is going great
Videos: riding July 2015  working on flexion  new rider Crystal 9/18/15 driving training winter 2015 driving feb 2016 unharness, ground manners driving leap day 2016

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