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Thank you for considering purchasing a horse from Top of the Line Farms

many folks ask if we can accept payments for the purchase price of the horse.

Our answer is always YES.  sales agreement

Here are the most common examples of payment schedules we provide.

1.  20% down payment before horse is picked up followed by 4 more payments of 20% each month.

    example:  $4000 purchase price means $800 paid up front,  followed by $800 paid monthly

2.  20% down payment before horse is picked up followed by monthly payments for 6 months

    example $4000 purchase price.  $800 paid up front, followed by $533.33 payments monthly

3.  20% down payment, followed by payments for 10 months.  This is the longest time frame we consider. 

Please accept that the registration papers on the horse will NOT be released until all payments are completed.

The horse's ownership will revert to us if a payment is missed with no contact from the buyer.  All

payments made up to that point are NON-refundable.  Communication is highly encouraged if a payment

will be late so other arrangements can be made.

All horses purchased on a payment plan MUST have an insurance package placed on them.  The insurance

must cover health and mortality with us named as "also insured".  No exceptions.  This generally costs

$400 for a 12 month period and gives peace of mind to the new owner and ourselves that the horse's

vet care, injuries, colic and worst case death will be covered.  Tonya Osenton (click for more info) at

Frederick B. Roberson Insurance can be reached at 1-800-801-0942 to provide insurance on your new horse.

 Any other solid insurance firm is also welcome.

We also can accept credit cards through  our email to use for this service


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