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GELDINGS FOR SALE BY AGE (OLDEST TO YOUNGEST)      Click on their name  to see LOTS more pictures!!

NAME AGE HEIGHT NOTES PRICE Minimum Rider *** experience Minimum DRIVER experience Pictures notes, videos, picture links
Alex 4 14.1 well trained to ride and drive.  laid back but great mover 12,000 novice or adv. beg. in lessons novice or adv. beg. in lessons  
Seargent 2 14.3 projected friendly gelding ready to start 5000    
Sandman 1 15 projected gorgeous yearling 4500      

Rider experience level definitions:

 Timid beginner anyone who wants to climb on a horse
    Beginner someone who has just started riding.  wants to walk and maybe trot
  Advanced beginner knows the basic commands and can balance on a horse during walk, trot and canter
   Novice goes on trail or arena. comfortable with all horse movements and     starting to learn jumping or barrels or some performance skills
    Intermediate willing to teach a green horse a bit of how to behave and understands basic horse behavior.
   Experienced willing to train or re-train horses.

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