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Arnak NTF, ahr#13201-99, 14.3 dob 5/18/1999  SIRE: Nasdaq NTF (Nastral x Wanja),  dam: Arnika NTF (a cn 23684) 3093-90 [afghan II x Akelei]
Wanja and Akelei are full sisters so Arnak NTF is linebred "A" line.  Dam is a full sister to World Champion stallion Amadeus.  Sire is one of the best moving stallions ever found in the United States.  Nastral is a German Champion stallion whose offspring were seldom found outside of Germany.

dam of Waltzing Storm SGH 4/25/2008 (Walzing River)
dam of Angela HOF 4/14/2013 (Standard of Excellence TOF)
dam of Start Celebrating 4/25/14   Standard of Excellence TOF
dam of Samurai's Ninja 5/22/15  Samurai of Green Mountains 
dam of Adriana 5/9/2016 Sky's the Limit WSF
(open 2017) in foal for 2018 to Sky's the Limit WSF

Ana is trained to ride and drive.   She is bred to Sky's the Limit WSF for 2018
Granddam Akelei A 13391/T
, mother Arnika NTF 3093-90,
and  Arnak NTF 13201-99.
Akelei x Nizas  also produced Anemone II YES in 2002 , silver classified 78 pts: 

Akelei x Afghan II produced both Arnika 1990 (14.2), Amadeus (152 cm) and Alpenflieder 18739/T
Akelei x Archimedes  produced  Alpenstein 1992, Aurikel 1991, and Alpenveilchen 1997
akelei x Nestroy = N-Falko,
akelei x Alp =  Astral II 1995,
akelei x Amsterdam PrH. = Aisha 2005, Alisha 2003

Arnika NTF has produced Antique Lace NTF  (Midas Touch), Akelei NTF (Nobleman of Tudor Oaks) and Modern Design NTF (Midas Touch),
all 1/2 siblings to Arnak NTF

The Amadeus line (full brother to Arnika NTF) Results of World Haflinger Exposition 2005 :

 12-25 yr old stallion class : Won by Amadeus
8-11 yr old stallion: Won by Amadeus son Abendstern, also won World Champion Stallion

6-7 yr old stallion: Won by son Avalon
4-5 yr old stallion: Won by  grandson (son of Abendstern) Auretanius

second place to Amadeus son Almquell
3 yr old stallion: Won by son Anthony 312/T amadeus x Lareina, 
also won Reserve World Champion Stallion
2 yr old stallion: Won by Amadeus grandson Wienerwalzer (maternal side)

Other stallions by Amadeus that are classified and approved as breeders include:  liz.183/T Aghai, liz.233/T Altess, 222-9189-94 Amethist, liz.312/T Anthony, liz.336/T Apetlon, liz.249/T Avalon, liz.300/T Avantgarde , Amsterdam 151 cm 1A classified (ankara{stomboli x alexa} x amadeus 1996, ammersee (amadeus x Nina A) Aberlord (amadeus x Vidi) Amstrong (amadeus x Cleopatra) , Alcantara (amadeus x Famosa), Abendstern (amadeus x Dorlis)
Amadeus' performance as a producer of fine mares is truly outstanding:

   His daughter Domatteo was named World Champion  Mare 2005

Antonella His daughter Antonella, 79 pt silver Classified

Fiorelina His daughter Fiorelina, 77 pt silver classified

Fiona-Farah His daughter Fiona-Farah, 80 pts Silver Classified

Sowina his daugher Sowina, 81 pts Gold classified

Haflinger Mares for Sale


 Mona-Lise TOF (silver classified)

Sydney-Sara wulf

other mares: Atollari 18277/T (amadeus x Annette) Farosa (amadeus x Felicita 12223/T), Fontana TOF (amadeus x felicita 1995), Biery TOF , Armenia Cntry Rd (silver classified), Louvre 17398 (amadeus x leila),  , LORETA NTF,

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