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Arnak NTF, ahr#13201-99, 14.3 dob 5/18/1999  SIRE: Nasdaq NTF (Nastral x Wanja),  dam: Arnika NTF (a cn 23684) 3093-90 [afghan II x Akelei]
Wanja and Akelei are full sisters so Arnak NTF is linebred "A" line.  Dam is a full sister to World Champion stallion Amadeus.  Sire is one of the best moving stallions ever found in the United States.  Nastral is a German Champion stallion whose offspring were seldom found outside of Germany.

dam of Waltzing Storm SGH 4/25/2008 (Walzing River)
dam of Angela HOF 4/14/2013 (Standard of Excellence TOF)
dam of Start Celebrating 4/25/14   Standard of Excellence TOF
dam of Samurai's Ninja 5/22/15  Samurai of Green Mountains 

Ana is trained to ride and drive.   She is bred to Sky's the Limit WSF for 2016
Granddam Akelei A 13391/T
, mother Arnika NTF 3093-90,
and  Arnak NTF 13201-99.
Akelei x Nizas  also produced Anemone II YES in 2002 , silver classified 78 pts: 

Akelei x Afghan II produced both Arnika 1990 (14.2), Amadeus (152 cm) and Alpenflieder 18739/T
Akelei x Archimedes  produced  Alpenstein 1992, Aurikel 1991, and Alpenveilchen 1997
akelei x Nestroy = N-Falko,
akelei x Alp =  Astral II 1995,
akelei x Amsterdam PrH. = Aisha 2005, Alisha 2003

Arnika NTF has produced Antique Lace NTF  (Midas Touch), Akelei NTF (Nobleman of Tudor Oaks) and Modern Design NTF (Midas Touch),
all 1/2 siblings to Arnak NTF

The Amadeus line (full brother to Arnika NTF) Results of World Haflinger Exposition 2005 :

 12-25 yr old stallion class : Won by Amadeus
8-11 yr old stallion: Won by Amadeus son Abendstern, also won World Champion Stallion

6-7 yr old stallion: Won by son Avalon
4-5 yr old stallion: Won by  grandson (son of Abendstern) Auretanius

second place to Amadeus son Almquell
3 yr old stallion: Won by son Anthony 312/T amadeus x Lareina, 
also won Reserve World Champion Stallion
2 yr old stallion: Won by Amadeus grandson Wienerwalzer (maternal side)

Other stallions by Amadeus that are classified and approved as breeders include:  liz.183/T Aghai, liz.233/T Altess, 222-9189-94 Amethist, liz.312/T Anthony, liz.336/T Apetlon, liz.249/T Avalon, liz.300/T Avantgarde , Amsterdam 151 cm 1A classified (ankara{stomboli x alexa} x amadeus 1996, ammersee (amadeus x Nina A) Aberlord (amadeus x Vidi) Amstrong (amadeus x Cleopatra) , Alcantara (amadeus x Famosa), Abendstern (amadeus x Dorlis)
Amadeus' performance as a producer of fine mares is truly outstanding:

   His daughter Domatteo was named World Champion  Mare 2005

Antonella His daughter Antonella, 79 pt silver Classified

Fiorelina His daughter Fiorelina, 77 pt silver classified

Fiona-Farah His daughter Fiona-Farah, 80 pts Silver Classified

Sowina his daugher Sowina, 81 pts Gold classified

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 Mona-Lise TOF (silver classified)

Sydney-Sara wulf

other mares: Atollari 18277/T (amadeus x Annette) Farosa (amadeus x Felicita 12223/T), Fontana TOF (amadeus x felicita 1995), Biery TOF , Armenia Cntry Rd (silver classified), Louvre 17398 (amadeus x leila),  , LORETA NTF,

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