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Gelding Videos and Pictures:

Spike TLF, born 3/8/2020

Spike is going to be tall.  He is not quite 3 yrs and stands 14.3.  Dam Liberty is 15.1.  Sire Sky is 14.2.  grand sires on both
sire lines are 15+ hands.  Spike just started his riding career and is doing fantastic.  His walk, trot and canter are solid
and naturally balanced.  He is learning his leg aides, staying soft and compliant in the bit and will make a nice dressage
prospect and solid trail horse.  He will need to stay in SHOES on his hinds as he has a wide set hind end that wears his
hooves unevenly if left bare.  HE is currently bare on the fronts as he has great hooves. 



Neeon born march 26, 2006 AHR#28159-06   sold

Neeon is 14.2 1/2" (58 1/2") he is a fantastic trail and driving gelding.  His arena work is coming along very well.  He has
spent most of his time either driving (at which he can teach beginners) or trail riding (where he will drag branches, clear trail,
swim and is very steady).   He has spent the last months getting his canter down, sidepassing and general arena work (gates etc).

Spot of Sunshine (spot) dob 1/11/2016 Sakira TLF x Sky's the Limit     sold

spot is currently in training.  he is working well walk, trot, canter.
currently stands 14.3   dam is 15,2, sire 14,2    will grow to 15 hands or so  november 2018 november 2018 november 2018 groundwork 2019 review.  lunging  right lunging left  

youth first ride july 2019

Skyper TLF dob 5/22/2015 sold


videos: cassie riding with 30 days of work
    youth rider with 60 days of riding.  going to be a nice one.

New Korry LRS 29191-07 and  Alfonzo CVH 28429-06  sold

 Videos:  youth leading  hitching  mowing  starting mower  driving onto road

This team is for sale in OHIO.  They are beginner driver level.  They are BIG 15 and 15.1 hands each.  calm, solid, parade, road or fun driving.

Maple Grove Soloman AHR#33463-14  sold



Videos: free movement
    riding youth rider
    snaffle basic walk trot canter whoa           

Willo's Pride AHR#31930-11  sold



videos: will free lunge  will first ride in california Leilonnie and Will

Why-Lonnie CRRH (Lonnie) dob 4/14/2002  AHR#21037-02  sold


Spectacular Spirit dob 4/12/2012 Socrates x Sidney-Sara Wulf AHR#    SOLD
Spirit rides well.  He had  7 months training with Jonie Carvin
He has walk, trot, canter, leads and turns all going well.

The great parts of Spirit is he LOVES people.  enjoys hugs, runs to you in the pasture.  is tall and well conformed. 
He has a great attitude on trail and enjoys riding out in groups or alone.  5 years old and ready for a long life of either
western dressage or trail or playdays or just enjoying life with a new owner! riding feb 2016 riding trot feb 2016  riding walk trot canter april 7, 2016 repeat of basic tarp work 2016 basic walk trot canter June 2017  Rein FREE riding July 2017 

Terrayn dob 2/19/2013

Videos: basic walk, trot canter April 2017  walk, trot, canter June 2017 trot june 2017


Syrus TLF dob 4/13/2010  sold


Maple Grove Dustin AHR#13661-99 : sold


Simon Says TLF AHR# 33077-14  dob 2/28/14    Sire: Samurai of Green Mountains  Dam Quelle Belle TOF  SOLD

Stately Sprite TLF dob 5/22/14 AHR# 33078-14   Sire:  Stately LF   Dam: Anita   SOLD

Whistler dob 3/13/2014 AHR#pending Sire: World Class  Dam : Antique Lace   SOLD

Nicasio RPR (NIC), dob 5/1/2006, AHR#28173-06 FOR SALE BY owner Corey (please email for contact info)  sold
Nic is trained to ride western.  He has been out on trail alone and with large groups. 



Shadow TLF, dob 4/20/14  AHR#33079-14 Sire SAMURAI of green mountains    Dam  Freya TOF SOLD

Walter TLF dob 3/31/14 AHR# 33076-14  Sire World Class    Dam: Chance  sold 

Whisper dob 2/12/2011 Parola Wulf x World Class AHR#  SOLD

Videos: riding july 2015

Apex of Genesis, dob  3/28/2006   AHR#27410-06  "CIDER" 15.1 hands  TEAM WITH APPLE  sold


Videos: basic riding july 2014 single driving team driving with Apple team driving with Apple

Apple Luray, AHR#27790-06, dob 4/8/2006       15.2 hands  TEAM WITH CIDER  SOLD

Teams well with Cider.  He is calm, steady and good with traffic.  Been driven in the
field and on the roads.  Rides trail walk, trot


Videos: Apple driving

CHEX DUN POPPIN, born 4/14/2011 (Pearl Dun Fooled Us x SGT Poco King Buck)   SOLD

Dam is homozygous creme, heterzygous dun and red/black.  Sire is homozygous black and dun
Popper is a fantastic up and coming 3 year old stud colt looking for a ranch of his own. His color genetics will make your foals GORGEOUS! and his bloodlines will make them stand out in a crowd.
His dam is fully tested 5 panel negative and she is a Perlino Dun (carries one red, one black, one dun and homozygous creme), His Sire is HOMOZYGOUS black and Dun.
Dam is a combination of Hollywood Dun It(4 million in winnings) Reminic (2.6 mil in winnings) Bueno Chexinic (460K in winnings) Bueno Chex (680K winnings).

He has been hand raised and has excellent manners, fully halter trained, fully vaccinated, healthy, sound, all health records available for three years, imprinted at birth and you wont even know he is a stallion. Calm, sensible and ready to go! We don't want to geld him but will if he doesn't sell. Then he will be an excellent using gelding!
all his photos and information available at the web site below. We can arrange transportation anywhere in the United States or abroad.
He is KNOWN to carry the creme gene, the dun gene and may be homozygous for both black and dun.

Sirus TLF, dob 4/13/2010  AHR#32593-10  SOLD

Big dark red gelding. Will be 15 hands. sire is Socrates who stood 15.2, dam Helena's Honey 15 hands.  lightly started under saddle.  Doing walk, trot and canter in the arena and will be on trail beginning of February.  We will continue his training until sold. Full brother is a successful dressage horse, full sister is not for sale. LOVES humans.  Currently doing walk, trot under saddle.  Pulling tarps, carrying bells, pushing balls. Ground driving in double lines, ready to start under cart.  Will be on trail before end of January.

Rudy haflinger x Belgium gelding born 2003  sold

Came off a "dude" ranch in colorado.   He is a horse that rides for any beginner.
He drives single and team. He is slow and easy going.  Rudy is learning to canter.
will do so but prefers walk, trot.  BIG drafty horse just at 15 hands tall.


videos:  driving lunging ride basics

Woden, ahr#27550-06    dob 5/18/2006   (Waldemar TOF x Larisa May MLH)  sold

One owner horse whose owner is no longer able to ride.  Sadly offered for sale.  Rides and drives.
GORGEOUS dark red coloration.  Very laid back and easy going.   Woden is well trained for driving in
busy traffic areas along with driving in an arena or bridle path.  This gelding is CALM.  Very steady and
seldom finds anything worth looking at or getting worried about.  Stout body and solid mind.



kids lessons

driving basics

longer driving


Mister Fye,  dob 5/23/2006      AHR#28907-06  sold

Well trained family horse.  We took him to the Western States Horse Expo as part of our Haflinger
demonstration.  Rides WELL, drives single or team WELL.  About 14.1 hands and stout.  Gets along with
other horses (mares, geldings or foals) with no issues.  Seriously nice all around horse.


Videos:  lesson student groom/saddle/bridle

Wiggles TLF, dob 4/6/2007     AHR#     (Waldemar TOF x Ash Wednesday HFB)  sold

Wiggles is a steady minded horse.  VERY laid back and easy going personality.
He is 14 hands, stout bodied and has a non-spooky attitude.  He will walk, trot and canter
but prefers walk and trot.  EXCELLENT on trail and on the beach.  Both dam and sire are steady
therapy and lesson horses.  


ATLIE dob   ahr#  SOLD

Big nice moving gelding.  Well trained to drive and rides out nicely.  Atlie can
drive single and team.  He is experienced in farming, road drives and trail riding


ADDISON,  DOB 5/18/1996, AHR#28219-96   Sire: Adanac    Dam:  Helke SOLD


Videos:  pics/rides in 2011

Addison is inspected and classified Silver with a score of 77 points.  He was a stallion as a younger horse.
He is a GREAT gelding! Gets along in pasture with other geldings, no issues.   Many months of professional training.  LOTS of hours trail riding. Particpated in the 2011 Ride For Life with 300 other horses all riding for 8 hours raising money for cancer.  Addison is steady in a crowd, on trail or just a great arena horse.
Addison is a well trained riding horse.  His favorite activity is trail riding.  He has a nice walk, trot and canter.  knows his leads, sidepasses,
neckreins, is forward but well controlled.  No bad habits.  stands for mounting, will go ANYWHERE you point his nose.  We have tried a
few interesting riding points with him (VERY steep hills, very tough terrain, crowded busy areas) he will go if you ask so be sure you want
to go there!  Great whoa.  Just say the word.  Deep dark red, simple riding horse, gorgeous to view each time you enter the barn.
Worried about him being older?  Don't he will pass any vet check with flying colors.  Not an issue to be found.  Plus if you view our
policies you can always bring him home to us to trade in towards a different horse.   You should never need to but it's an option!

1/2 sister  Quebec Haflinger Show (Canada) Grand Champion mare Heide (Schonbin Honig X Helke)
Sire  Adanac was imported from Austria in 1992. He is the son of the World Haflinger Champion Stallion Afghan II.
His mother, Annette is also a multiple World Champion  Adanac was inspected as a "Gold Stallion" with 82.5 points. Since then, he has been known as the HIGHEST INSPECTED Haflinger Stallion in North America.  He is also the only "Gold" inspected Stallion in Canada.
The highest scoring Haflinger Stallion in the world is Adanac's half-brother, Amadeus with 85 points.

Say It Good N Classy, AQHA #4616549 dob 1/3/2005  sold

Say it Good and Classy (barn name SID) is the total package. He is 15.2 hands tall. Big enough for most any rider. He is calm, sensible and well trained. Sid is the trail horse you can depend on. so long as you can sit in the saddle you can ride SID. He will lead, follow or pony other horses on trail. He will go on roadside trails or scramble up the mountains looking for cattle. Sid has an easy loose rein walk, trot and canter. You can learn to ride with this gelding since he simply goes slower if not given directions. Never a bad ride. Perfect age at 8 years old. LOTS of professional training. He is the one horse you can count on to be the same day in day out.
He has had professional cutting training but is too laid back to make that his career. He has been roped on but again don't expect lots of speed. SID has no concerns in life. He gets along with most any human or horse. He is easy to catch, saddle and work. He is sweet and works to please. NOT stubborn at all just has no desire to put out lots of energy.
So if you are looking for a steady character who will be a dependable partner come try Sid.



NATHAN HHA, AHR#24275-04, dob 3/18/2004             15.2 hands SOLD

Teams well with Apple Lurray.  Good with traffic, trucks or cars, motorcyles etc.

Has been driven in the field and on the road.  Learning to ride.  Is calm and steady.


Videos:  nathan drive

nathan ride

Cocoa, dob 2008 Shetland x Welsh  SOLD


Astronomer's Rebel EFRH, AHR#28158-06,  dob 5/13/2006 SOLD


Videos: horse soccer with Astro toys/games

Nochman (Indy), dob 1999, AHR#13865-99  sold


Video: completed May 2011 completed in 2010

N-Chico, 6/21/2005 AHR#26486-05  SOLD



Spectacular Spirit dob 4/12/2102 Socrates x Sidney-Sara Wulf AHR#  SOLD
Spirit is learning to ride well.  .
He has walk, trot, canter, leads and turns all going well.
He will NOT make a dressage horse as he has "sweeney"
shoulder on his left front.  His pasture mates and he were running to hard in the pasture and he ran into the corner of the
barn damaging the nerves of his shoulder.  This occured in 2015 and is fully healed and functional.  It will prevent him from proper and concise
leg movement on the left front. The other muscles are well developed keeping his movement normal.
If we didn't tell you about his injury you would not be able to tell except if looking for precision in footfalls. riding feb 2016 riding trot feb 2016  riding walk trot canter april 7, 2016

Noble Jack RMW AHR# 22578-03 Nobles Legend CWA x   SOLD

Picture page:

Videos:   riding  lunging

Renegade,  dob 7/30/2009  NOT registered.  Sire Nasdaq son NOT licenced.  Dam Lorena SOLD

Very nice moving gelding with a refined head, long neck and straight legs.  Barefoot and sound, sound, sound.   Renegade is a laid back
boy to the degree that he is always low man in the field.   He will very happily meet any human at the gate to go work.  When in a stall
he will have grumpy ears until he figures out that no one will push him off his food.  Refined body and still growing.  Currently measures
14.2 and expect him to finish around 14.3.   (based on cannon bone and leg measurment).   Easy walk, trot canter.  Easy soft mouth in a plain
snaffle.   GREAT whoa.   He has been raised by one owner from birth.  She loves and uses Parrelli methods so his ground manners are nice. 
She chose not to start him until last year and this gelding will be the better for it.  He loves people and wants to work for you.
videos:  walk/trot/canter

Stately Baron, (BILL) dob, 5/10/2011, AHR# 32254-11  Sire: Stately LF  Dam: Fair Lady AMS  SOLD


Videos: ride march 2014 12th ride

Whoo Hoo Of Genesis (Willy), AHR#31443-10     dob   3-12-2010   SOLD

Alfa, not registered, dob 3/31/2009  SOLD
Dam: Deliah NTF   Sire: Wall Street NTF

Nicker's Buddy, (buddy) dob 2/25/2008 AHR#31486-08  SOLD


Videos:  ride tarp

ALM BRAHESA (Bravo)    AHR#23040-03, dob 3/31/2003  SOLD

Bravo is a light chestnut CALM gelding.  He has great ground manners and is easy to handle. 
Good with traffic.  Good with crowds.  Bravo will carry a rider nicely.  He is STOUT.
Bravo is a steady slow style haflinger.  Bravo's owner is going back to school and sadly has to
put him up for sale.  Crystal and Bravo have been a steady team around the north state and
she really wants great person who is looking for a confidence building horse like Bravo.


BIG gelding.  15.2 hands and sweet.  Nice movement.  In training for about 12 months total off and
on. Had limited training prior to November 2012 then came into full time training before winter shut
it down.  Started back into full/part time in May 2013 until December 2013.  Good on trail  ready for lots
more time under saddle and you can focus this horse any way you choose.  He has already
 packed  beginning riders but is best suited for a novice rider or better.   Has been in partial training
for dressage from April 2014 to August 2014 with a clients trainer.  Best fit is with an owner who is confident
with their horse both on the ground and saddle.   Still a young BIG horse who wants direction.
We call him Gus and he is a steady character on trail.  For showing western or dressage he will need more saddle training. 
 Ready for intro level dressage.  His canter is very nice and easy to ride.  As a family horse he is going to be great. 
 Gus LOVES toys and learns tricks easily.

N'FINITY BSGH, (FIN)  dob 2008 AHR# 30656-08  Sire: Neumeister TOF   Dam: Ducati TOF  SOLD

ST. ELMO'S FIRE TLF, dob 4/16/2011   AHR# 32177-11  Sire: Stately LF  Dam: Foxfire NTF  SOLD


SUNNY TLF, AHR#32592-10  Sire: Socrates  Dam: D-Gea of NTF  born 8/8/2010  SOLD

Stallone TLF, dob 2/15/2008, ahr#30158-08  sold  (full brother to Elmo)

Sire: Stately LF  Dam: Foxfire NTF

AVERY, dob 2/17/2009 AHR#32303-09      Sire: Aristo TOF    Dam:  Biery TOF  SOLD

Avery is a truly nice gelding.  Measured him and he stands 14.3 at the withers and 14.3 1/2 at the rump so he is STILL growing. 
 Lovely golden coloration.  Lovely personality.   He is a modern built horse so we have started him very slowly.  This summer he will go more seriously under saddle. 
 His current price reflects his lack of saddle time.  It also reflects his quality as that price will only increase with training. 
This boy will be a factor to watch for in the show ring and on the trail!

Sire Aristo TOF
  (Aristocrat x Maserata TOF)
Aristocrat TOF, GOLD classified stallion, Elite rating with numerous offspring inspecting both Gold and Silver. 1994 HRNA Grand Champion Stallion. His offspring have dominated National Show and Futurity results for the past 10 years, and have topped sales throughout the country. Sire of 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2005 National Grand Champion Stallions, the 2004 National Grand Champion Mare, and numerous Junior and Reserve National Champions.

Maserata TOF;
  1996 Jr. National Champion Mare and the highest rated filly at the 1994 Tirolean Select Filly Sale in Tirol,Austria and her sale price set the world record for the highest selling Haflinger filly ever! Maserata is sired by Archimedes and out of Monique, famous for her many quality offspring she produced. Maserata's full brother, Amtsrat, was a breeding stallion in Austria for 5 years then was exported to Luxembourg in 2001, where he still stands at service today. Full sister, Mercedes, scored 81 points,  Gold classification in Austria. She is the dam of Austriacum, a breeding stallion who won the 2004 Stallion Inspection in Austria. While Maserata has never been inspected here in the US, she does have offspring that has been. Aristo TOF, sired by Aristocrat TOF is an AHR Inspected Silver. Wild Dream PHHF, sired by Walzertakt, is AHR inspected Silver..

***American Boy NBS, dob 2004  AHR# 25105-04 1/4" under 15 hands   SOLD
  Sire:  All American Afghan NTF  Dam:

Nevel TLF, dob 4/10/2009, AHR#   SOLD

Sire: Nickerson SFF    Dam: Foxfire NTF

Sire Nickerson SFF is a Silver Classified stallion Nickerson has been shown extensively and has many Best of Show, Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Titles including 2002 AHR National Reserve Grand Champion Stallion.  He received an 80-point classification score as a 4 year old.  He has a fine, modern build and a quiet disposition.  He has outstanding conformation and beautiful movement.  Sire: Nobleman of Tudor Oaks Dam: Antiba- Austrian Imported mare by Akzent by Afghan II
Dam Foxfire NTF, who was classified at age 10 and scored 74 points with Nevel at her side. Foxfires sire is Nasdaq NTF Imported from Germany by John and Judy Miller of New Trend. He is sired by Nastral, German National Champion in 1993  Nasdaq's dam is Wanja, full sister to Akelei, dam of Amadeus.  Nasdaq died on August 21, 2006

Chauncey, born 2000, non-registered Haflinger SOLD

Excellent on trail, has been ridden and packed.  He neck reins and is very steady to ride.  His arena manners are excellent.

Neimans Nike OH, dob 4/26/2007 ahr#28894-07  (NIKE barn name)  SOLD

Sire: Neil HD, (Neiman Marcus TOF x Coco Puffs RAH)

Dam: B-Jolene WLF (Midas Touch NTF x B-Jolanda NTF)

Nike's grandsires are the whose who of the haflinger world:

Nobleman of Tudor Oaks, 60.5" tall.  An Austrian import to the United states who was sold to a breeder in Holland after the 2000 World Show. Nobleman won 3rd place in his class at the 1995 World Show in Ebbs, Austria, and was 1996 HRNA National Grand Champion Stallion and Best of Show

Aristocrat TOF, GOLD classified stallion, Elite rating with numerous offspring inspecting both Gold and Silver. 1994 HRNA Grand Champion Stallion. His offspring have dominated National Show and Futurity results for the past 10 years, and have topped sales throughout the country. Sire of 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2005 National Grand Champion Stallions, the 2004 National Grand Champion Mare, and numerous Junior and Reserve National Champions.

Neiman Marcus TOF, 2007 AHR National Champion stallion, winner of Best in Show at the 2007 Buckeye Haflinger Show, and Grand Champion Stallion and Reserve Best in Show at the 2007 Ohio State Fair.

Nike's dam was a therapeutic riding mare here at our farm and is a calm sensible mare.   Hard to go wrong with this young gelding.  He is well

started with walk, trot and canter.  He is going to be a tall stout boy.  Already 14.3 hands.

Skiiter, dob 6/1/2007 AHR#30936-07 sold

Sire: Ski Doo  Dam: Janieke



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