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Our Haflinger Mares


Copper and Comet

Comet is getting bigger!

He is SOOO friendly.


This is Nita. She was born 1-3-05

Nita is a welsh cross filly that is absolutely darling. Her name is short for Bonita (pretty) and her dam is a liver chestnut named Chica. Chica is a wonderful kids pony standing 13 hands. Nita is for sale $900

Meet Citas Morning Lilly (?)

I am liking the name as she is a darling filly and Lilly seems like a good name for an Easter girl. She has the nicest head! and a body to match. born 3-27-05 at 4:05 am

Mocha and Lilly

Lilly is a palomino tobiano who has a 50% chance of being homozygous for the tobiano gene. She is for sale! (probably not for long) $2500

Meet our newest filly

PayChexAnnie X Chex N Dun It= Perlino/dun filly born April 1st at 6:30 am

Blue eyes!

Meet Cinnamons 2005 colt!

We are calling him Flash for now. He was born April 4, 2005 and A Flash of Lightning seems an appropriate name.

He is VERY people oriented and LOVES attention!

Look at the dark coloration

Flash will be as dark as or DARKER than his dam

I love his facial markings!

Looks like a Flash of Lightning!

Lilly is a GORGEOUS filly

Lilly and Mocha

Pearl and Checkers

Pearl is growing rapidly!

larrisa and her colt two days old

Larrisa and her colt

look at the legs on Saulty's colt!!

Saulty and her colt

Shelby and her palomino filly

This is Sophie (Saulty's 2001 filly) with her first foal

Shelby and filly

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