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2007 foals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  pictures available of all the foals, click away!!!

Magnifico TLF, born 3/1/2007, (Doneda x Mambo) Click HERE    

Frosty TLF, born 5/13/2007 (Fancee Fraulein WGF x Nevion Glynn) Click Here     

Alan Le-La, born 3/17/2007, (La Gold Le-La x Adler SFF) Click Here

Ameri-star (Asa), gelding, born 4/10/07 (C-All x Ahmay Sing) Click Here

Liberty Wonder, filly, born 2/12/2007, (Lutanzagold of Turtle Walk x Nevion Glyn Eryr RAH) Click Here    Keep

C-SkiBunny TLF, born 3/21/2007, (Charmayne CAHF x Ski Doo GF)     Click HERE

Sophia, filly, born 5/2007, (Serra WKH x Nantucket) Click Here   sold 

Serenity HOF, filly, born 3/22/07, (Schmucki TOF x Altess US HOS) ClickHere SOLD This is a top filly out of a lovely Silver rated stallion with top haflinger bloodlines.

Alert Le-La, born 3/26/2007, (Shannon Le-La x Adler SFF) Click Here   sold

Archie TMHF (Dancer),born 3/31/2007,colt, (Fantasy x Ambassador NTF)  click here $sold

Nico TLF, born 4/3/2007, (Breena DJH x Newman) Click Here  sold,

Ceyla's filly, born 4/20/2007 (Ceyla x Ski Doo GF)    Click Here   $sold

Daphney TLF, born 2/22/2007 (D-Gea NTF x Ski-Doo GF) Click HERE  Sold

Skyler TLF, born 3/2/007, (Biery TOF x Ski Doo GF)      Click Here Sold

Star Lynn colt, born 5/2007, (Star Lynn x ?)   Click Here  $sold

Majestic Gold, born 3/22/2007, (Lotta Gold x Maharaja Glyn RAH) Click Here $sold

Wiggles TLF, born 4/6/2007 (Ash Wednesday HFB x Waldemar TOF)  Click Here Sold

Neiman's Nike OH, born 4/26/2007, colt, (B-Jolene x Neil)   CLICK HERE SOLD

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