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Welcome to our foal page
These are the foals from 2017


mare - dam stallion - sire due date approximate            
Coppertone Le La    Sky's The Limit WSF march 19, 2017  COLT Spring TLF (sold)          
Freckles (mini) Santana February 26 2017 FILLY   Sable          
Liberty Wonder Sky's The Limit WSF march 8  2017  colt Spike TLF          
Sakira TLF Sky's The Limit WSF march 10  2017  filly Suki TLF          
Antique Lace NTF  Sky's The Limit WSF March 23, 2017 colt Sage          
Stormy (arabian) Sky's The Limit WSF april 10, 2017          
Ceyla GF  Sky's The Limit WSF April 22, 2017 Sebastian TLF          
Chance Earl May 2017 Maylin          
Daisy Earl May 2017 Stripes          
Celine (mammoth donkey) Charlie (mammoth donkey) May 2017 Diva          
   Izzy (mammoth donkey) Charlie (mammoth donkey) May 2017 Arnold          

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