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2010 foals expected this year

Dam Sire Foal price
  Lovely family horse to be.  Excellent sweet atttiude.
Misty -Chocolate Nordwyn WGF Macey, filly, born 3/8/2010 1200
WOW he will be huge. Dam and sire are proven show and endurance horses.  both over 15 hands. 
Helena's Honey Socrates Sirus, gelding,  born 4/13/10 3000
Dam and sire are both High Silver Classified horses.  Both are true performance Haflingers!
Ducati Arno van de Neishof Dakota, filly born 4/19/10 3500
This will be a true performance haflinger.   Both dam and sire are proven endurance horses and amazing athletes.  Sire is high rated Silver Classified, Dam is by GOLD classified sire A Rock.  Watch for Socrates in the eventing shows soon!
Fancy Socrates Fallon,filly, born 4/1/10 sold
great gelding, he was a surprise!
D-Gea NTF Socrates Sunny, geldling, born 8/8/0 1000

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