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Sasha GHH, dob 6*22*2000


Very stout and calm mare.  rides VERY well trail or therapy.   Only 13.1 but don't let the size fool you, she is ridden by
adults very easily.

Beanies Missy MW AHR#24999-04  sold



videos:   free movement
riding:  unharnessing  driving single  

Gemee, DOB 4/4/2013 SIRE:  World Class   DAM: Gypsy (unregistered) sold

Gemee (aka glitter past owners name) was born into this world with a great family who played ball, toys, leading, trail obstacles etc. with her from the day she showed
any interested in humans (day ONE).   She has grown into a very nice filly who is riding walk, trot, canter and trail. READY to go to a person who wants a NICE smaller filly
who will be their best friend.  NO issues and no problems at all in training.   She is confident on trail and enjoys getting out.  Possibly a bit too much as she needs her rider to focus
her on just going down the trail and not checking out every smell, sight, tree, bush and anything that may be fun to look at.

Stands 14 hands haflingers grow to age 7. Her sire is 14.3 and dam is 13.3. from her cannon bone measurements I expect her to finish 14.1

Continued introduction to the world is needed but will be simple. So far all her reactions are ones of curiosity and happy desire to learn more.
This is a mare that takes all you can teach her and asks for more. No issues no unsoundness, no sickness. fully vaccinated, dewormed, barefoot and SOLID hooves.

Her current owner has been riding her and also adding to her training for the last year.   More professional time plus mountain time for trail.  GREAT canter.  she knows her leads.
Listens to leg aides, listens to rein aides.  Could be finished into neck reining or continue on with direct rein.  COWBOY dressage anyone?  excellent walk, excellent jog and nice extension.

Videos:  riding june 2017 riding june 2017  open close gate 2018  trailer load 2018 gemee riding open field  gemee riding up down hill standing still and patient  riding and play 2018 riding walk trot 2018


ABBY RVA AHR# 32513-12  SOLD



videos: free movement Riding June 2018

Miss may sunra  AHR# 24685-04  born 4/24/2004  SOLD


Larisa May mlh, 8812-96,  (Mahon x Le-Ann HFB) dob 1996  SOLD

Proven bloodlines.   VERY sound, sane, sensible and can carry any rider of any age.
She rides, drives and could care less about what type of bit, saddle or equipment you want to use.  larisa
is a very agreeable enjoyable mare.  No matter if you know how to ride or are ready to learn, this mare can
teach you to ride or drive.  She is completely beginner safe.  She will help you regain your confidence in horses!
Therapy horse with lots of experience with outwalkers, wheelchairs and commotion.
Pictures:  coming soon!
videos: 4/25/16 walk trot canter, her canter hasn't been used much for the last few years!  larisa drive single


pic taken 4/25/16




Ash Wednesday AHR# 26304-03 sold



Cadena's Connie DOB 2000 AHR#15566-00  sold

Videos:  youth lesson trot  youth lesson walk 5/1/2017 Breanna lesson  basic single driving figure 8's driving unhitching


Ruby dob 2005 not registered



Lone, AHR#10913-98, DOB 1998, (Winterstein x Lena) sold

Champion Bloodlines Afghan II (World Champion) and Winterstein, Gold Classified multiple Champion. This niche is a proven
cross, producing top mares who carry on great movement, refined bodies and excellent personalities.  Lone is a combination that
is hard to beat.  She rides WELL, trail or arena. Drives well, arena, road or trail. No fear of "stuff" on the trail, wildlife or bikes or
dogs or motorcycles or water or...... Just a brave mare who is very sweet and LOVES scratches.  Ground manners are perfect to
saddle, hitch, lead, bath, mount .... REALLY like her.  If you want an all around show, family or trail mare here she is. She has spent the last few years with photographer and rider Lisa Chadwick but she needs to size down and after much deliberation Lone is the one hafy she can allow to go onto a new home.  TONS of pictures available.  Lessons, endurance, driving, show what do you want to do?

Videos: wtc 4/25/2015

Calypso TLF, dob 3/7/2009  AHR#31401-09  Sire: Samurai of Green Mtns.   Dam: Coppertone Le-La  sold

This lovely mare was raised by us then sold as a confidence builder for riding.  she is fantastic at trail, arena and roadside riding.
VERY calm and steady.   We are now teaching her to drive.  We started last week and she is already hitched and learning to
do the corners and pull walk, trot.   Sensible and smart.  She has one downfall.  She needs front shoes.   Has flat hooves so if she
hits a stone she will say ouch.  

Videos: riding play ball 9/30/16 pulling pulling groundwork riding 8/25/16

Matilda,  dob 2008, NOT registered  SOLD


Cipher, AHR#                dob 2/2/2012 sold


Flaming Valor (valerie)  AHR#                  Dob 3/1/2013 sold


DELILAH NTF  AHR #19166-02, dob 1/20/2002  SOLD

Videos: riding driving riding day of arrival 9/27/15

Easy Nickers (daphney)   AHR#              dob   3/24/2009  SOLD


Niki, born 1998.  unregistered pure haflinger mare, 14.2 hands  sold

Lovely mare with lots of trail time.   She spent the summer at the Woodside Junior riders program doing
lessons for youth.  She is a gentle mare with more forward movement than the lazy laid back hafy. 
Solid riding horse for youth or adult and is a mare that takes up leg for adult riders.  Very cute jog.  Knows
jog, medium trot, extended.  Has a comfy canter.  For lead line riders she is excellent.  Will stand to be
climbed onto by young children and knows how to stand at the mounting block.


Video: training

Misty SMMF, AHR#30713-08   SOLD
VERY nice mare.  She is pretty in body, mind and movement.  Western dressage or English dressage prospect.
jumps well free jumping.  Nice on trail.  Very soft and responsive so not a total beginner horse.   If you are looking
for a nice gentle minded, co-operative partner this is her.   She will do well at any discipline you want her for.


Videos: riding

Eva's Cocoa Chanel (KAI), dob 2006 AHR#29956-06  sold  

Pictures: Videos:

Chelsea HHA, AHR#24276-04    Dam Cupid EFRH   Sire: Nimbleman of Gentle Acres sold

If you are looking for a solid built laid back mare who rides, drives single, team, packs and will do just about
anything you could ask, here she is.  Chelsea has been used to teach beginners to ride, she will pack you on trail,
she does small jumps, can drive team with unfamiliar team mates, will teach young horses to drive since she is
very calm very obedient and has a great whoa.  Good mare to produce foals, but a SOLID riding horse for all
around trail, show or lessons. 14.3 hands and stout


CREAM OF THE CROP, dob 2006,  AHR#  sold


Bonnie Lee HAH, born 4/19/2003, AHR#22696-03  Sire: Neumeister TOF,  Dam: B-Mahon's Sarahlee SOLD

Bonnie is a sweet mare.  trained to ride and drive.  Update:  WOW, take a mare who was WELL trained to drive as
a 2 and 3 year old.  Give her 7 years off and put her back to cart with 20 minutes of ground work and.....PERFECT. 
what a mind, she drove off like she did it every day.   Bonnie LOVES working cows.  She goes team sorting every Friday
evening and is learning to actually "work" a cow by herself without the rider telling her everything to do.
Bonnie is a STEADY trail horse.  She loves to get out.  Good in the arena for a NON timid rider.  If you are not willing
to make her get out of a walk or trot she will not do so in the arena.  With a timid or total beginner rider
Bonnie simply goes back to walk and trot.  Out on trail she has three nice gaits for any level
rider.  She is easy to canter outside.  14.2 hands, pretty and golden in coloration!  SMOOTH to ride. 


Periwinkle OOS, DOB 5/13/2002, AHR#19664-02 Sire: Wintirol #2906-90   Dam: Play Faerie OOS #8925-96 SOLD

Gorgeous DARK RED mare with white mane and tail.  Nice to ride, or to drive.  Easy mare to get along with!  This is a solid family or youth horse. 14 hands (56")  Peri has a slight uneven gait from an old injury to a hind leg.  Peri is a confident mare who enjoys moving out.  If you are searching for a trail mare that will keep up with any size horse look at Peri.  she has a lot of confidence and is very comfortable to ride.  Saddle optional, she has a wide back for a nice bareback ride!


Videos: driving! new 5/3/12 trail playday cali and peri on trail peri bareback and saddled

Shrona dob 4/7/2003 AHR#23373-03 Sire: Standard of Excellence #10957-99  Dam: Samantha II #13532-99 SOLD

Pictures: Videos: toys and riding

Star, AHR#   , dob 2003 sold


Video: horse soccer with Star star driving

Crystal Lady TOH, DOB 6/7/2004, AHR#24459-04 sold

BIG mare at 15.1 hands (measured).  Steady and calm.  She is a large golden retriever in personality. LOVES carrots and stands well for clipping, baths, fly spray and brushing.  If you are looking for a well priced trail, playday and driving mare get her now before we finish her into a show mare. 

Sire Aristo TOF  (Aristocrat x Maserata TOF)

Aristocrat TOF, GOLD classified stallion, Elite rating with numerous offspring inspecting both Gold and Silver. 1994 HRNA Grand Champion Stallion. His offspring have dominated National Show and Futurity results for the past 10 years, and have topped sales throughout the country. Sire of 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2005 National Grand Champion Stallions, the 2004 National Grand Champion Mare, and numerous Junior and Reserve National Champions.

Maserata TOF;   1996 Jr. National Champion Mare and the highest rated filly at the 1994 Tirolean Select Filly Sale in Tirol,Austria and her sale price set the world record for the highest selling Haflinger filly ever! Maserata is sired by Archimedes and out of Monique, famous for her many quality offspring she produced. Maserata's full brother, Amtsrat, was a breeding stallion in Austria for 5 years then was exported to Luxembourg in 2001, where he still stands at service today. Full sister, Mercedes, scored 81 points,  Gold classification in Austria. She is the dam of Austriacum, a breeding stallion who won the 2004 Stallion Inspection in Austria. While Maserata has never been inspected here in the US, she does have offspring that has been. Aristo TOF, sired by Aristocrat TOF is an AHR Inspected Silver. Wild Dream PHHF, sired by Walzertakt, is AHR inspected Silver..

Dam: Chelsie's Noble Lady (Nobleman of Tudor Oaks x Chelsie HFG)Nobleman of Tudor Oaks, 60.5" tall.  An Austrian import to the United states who was sold to a breeder in Holland after the 2000 World Show. Nobleman won 3rd place in his class at the 1995 World Show in Ebbs, Austria, and was 1996 HRNA National Grand Champion Stallion and Best of Show

Video: first ride in California  mount, ball, balance walk, trot canter 7/7/2011 obsticle course 3/15/12

ANNIE (Corriander OOS), AHR#26169-05 dob 5/13/2005 sold

sire: Alpha TOF #13648-99  Dam: Chance OOS #7630-95

Video: ride/jump Julie ride w/t/c Laurie

Farina, dob 3/4/1998, AHR#11343-98  CLASSIFIED Purple SOLD


Videos: driving

Lydia JOM, AHR#16875-01, born 4/30/2001  SOLD


Video: taken 2010 taken 2011

Mary, AHR#   , born 2002 SOLD








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