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Larisa May mlh, 8812-96,  (Mahon x Le-Ann HFB) dob 1996  SOLD

Proven bloodlines, could still be bred!  VERY sound, sane, sensible and can carry any rider of any age.
She rides, drives and could care less about what type of bit, saddle or equipment you want to use.  larisa
is a very agreeable enjoyable mare.  No matter if you know how to ride or are ready to learn, this mare can
teach you to ride or drive.  She is completely beginner safe.  She will help you regain your confidence in horses!
videos: 4/25/16 walk trot canter, her canter hasn't been used much for the last few years!  larisa drive single

pic taken 4/25/16

Ella Princess Nella, born 3/12/2002  sold

Fun trail mare with lot of experience riding, jumping and dressage.  She is a more forward haflinger mare who
enjoys walk out with big horses (let them try and keep up!).  Fantastic on trail with a brave mind and very very
obedient.  rides in a snaffle or martingale.  needs a wide saddle.  She is 13.3m, VERY stout and well trained.

Videos: mount wtc whoa side pass wtc half pass, shoulder in and out

pic taken 4/25/16

Ramona HCF ahr#18222-01 born 6/6/2001 sold

This mare is so absolutely wonderful its hard to describe.  She has a great walk, trot and canter.  side pass,
move off hind and front.  Trail manners are totally solid and brave.  Deer, dogs, hikers, hills, water etc.  She
drives single and double.  She is a total babysitter.  Great in pasture or stall.  Knows how to trailer, bath, tie,
clip etc. 

Videos: walk, trot, canter, sidepass 4/25/2106 walk trot ramona drive single

Anka Lou, SOLD




Lightning Strikes (Annie),  SOLD


Honey Sue, 4/6/2008, AHR#30042-08 Dam: Her Majesty  Sire: World Class  Sold

Raised as a foal by us.  Trained to ride and drive.  VERY steady personality.  Nice size, movement
and temperament.  Honey Sue is a steady mare, even at age 4.  She has worked cows, trail ridden, driven
single and team and is extremely well started.  Side passes, open/close gates, turn on forehand and haunches,
walk, jog, trot, extended trot, canter both leads.  Rides with dogs, big or small groups and alone.  Currently owned by Jerry Jones.  Honey is a BIG mare standing 15 hands.  Pictures will be updated!

Videos:  early times age 2 and 3 years. 
updated 11/17/12 lots of ground work video

CASSANDRA DTA 30897-09  dob 2009, Dam: CORONA CCF 7935-96  Sire: WIZARD IEF 18184-01 SOLD

Cas is a truly GORGEOUS mare with perfect golden coloration and a long flowing mane.
Sweet personality and riding nicely under saddle.  In training until sold.  Cassandra is young, willing
and a LOVELY mover.   Currently still growing and is 14.2 hands. 
This is a haflinger with so much promise that we have debated keeping her.
Nice bloodlines and very pretty modern build. 


Videos: riding cassandra backing her cart single Cassandra driving single

Brenda of Maple Grove 31065-08,  5/19/2008  majors commandant kh x brinka ntf  sold

Lovely mare standing 14.1  hands.  She is broke to ride and drive.  Teams with Beatrice.  Very kind and
friendly.  She is still growing and I suspect her sister and her will be 14.2 when they are done growing..  She is learns rapidly and will tolerate beginning riders.  Brave and trusting.  She is VERY pretty, and will do well for show, family riding, trail and drives very well.  Brenda has a long flowing mane and tail that are pure white.  She has a lovely neck set and stops people everywhere due to her beauty!


Videos: brenda team brenda cart brenda cart1 brenda ride brenda ride1

Beatrice of Maple Grove, ahr#31459-09  5/4/2009 majors commandant kh x brinka ntf  SOLD

Lovely mare standing 14 hands.  She is broke to ride and drive.  Teams with Brenda.  Very kind and
friendly.  She is still growing and I suspect her sister and her will be 14.2 when they are done growing.
We call Beatrice  Trixie.  She is learns rapidly and will tolerate riders who are beginners but is not ready to be a full time beginner horse.  Brave and trusting.  This mare is a true diamond.  She is VERY pretty, and will do well for show, family riding, trail and drives very well.


Videos: team with wagon riding riding2 cart cart2

Butterscotch DF  ahr#15861-00  Sire: MARVELOUS OF HYLITE 4237-92 Dam: BERTHA NTF 4964-93 Sold

This is one of the nicest, kindest riding and driving horses we have met in a while.  Single, team, trail,
lessons, parades, kids, adults who ever and how ever you you want to ride and drive.  14.3 hands and very
solid riding on trail.  Can pony younger horses and teach a younger horse to drive team.  This mare is one of
the best all around calm riding or driving horses I have had the pleasure to offer for sale.

Videos: driving

Z-ANN CWA dob 4/7/2007 AHR#29721-07  SIRE: Northern Lights RAH  DAM: Zena NTF  SOLD

Nice refined mare.  More the long lean haflinger than our normal stocky girls.  She is started under
saddle and is doing well walk, trot, canter.  Very refined mare who is adorable to view and has
a sweet calm personality.  Easy to work with and will make a great horse for kids.  She is very brave
but is also submissive towards her humans and other horses.  Price will increase with training but you can purchase
her now and enjoy learning with her!  Z-ann is less forward than many hafys.  More a pocket pet and relaxing
ride than a show mare.


Sophia LAH, dob 2008, AHR#30577-08  Dam: SHARHARA WKH 12864-99  Sire: NUISANCE PFH 19526-02 SOLD

Sophia is a well built mare who is balanced in both mind and body.  She has a nice open, friendly mind and is good
with riders both on trail and in the arena.  She is a mare who likes to move out.  Not a horse that would be happy
just doing walk, trot stuff.  Sophia has a great canter.  She knows her leads, she side passes and is great with moving
off the hind end.  Listens WELL to seat and legs.  She is light is the bridle but has more to learn about true collection
in all her movements.  Sophia has a VERY solid start and will go any direction her new owner wants, riding western or
english, driving team or single.

Pictures: Videos:

L-Misty Pretty Lady (Ellie)  dob 2006  AHR# 27847-06  sire: MARVS MAXIMUM JMT 15254-00   dam: LYNDA CHVF 17961-01 SOLD

Ellie is a GREAT driving mare who would excel at showing under cart or farming.  She is a personable horse
that wants a partner to go and do things with.  Easy keeper and gets along well with other horses and other
animals in a pasture setting.  Ellie does all the basics of driving well.  One person can hitch her without assistance.
She will drive in the arena, along the road or on the trail.  Ellie is calm and willing.  Takes a snaffle bit, stands
for hitching or allowing her driver to stop and talk with neighbors!  We have a very low price on this mare
since we just don't have the time to work with her on her riding manners.  She has bucked once under saddle and
we are selling her as a driving horse only at this time.  Yes, every horse may buck but our goal is for kids horses or
therapy horses so this behavior is unacceptable.  She is SHOW ready for cart.  We will get updated videos of her
driving up soon. 

Videos:  driving videos driving sept 2013

Shanelle LAH, dob 2005, AHR#26303-05  Dam: SHARHARA WKH 12864-99 Sire: Nagano  SOLD

Shanelle is a gorgeous mare.  One of the nicest high neck sets with nice refinement through the throat latch.
She uses herself well.  She is a half sister to Sophia.  She has lots of time driving team but limited time driving
single.  She is green to riding under saddle.  Nice, big movements.  Nice, obedient to the cues.  Simply not enough
"wet saddle blankets" as of now.   Her sire is one of the few sons of the German national Champion Nastral that
stood at stud in the United States. 


Sara Sue, dob 2006, AHR# SOLD


Videos: intermediate test 2, driven dressage with Frank Leutz driven January 2012 video with Frank Leutz. riding video January 2012 driving video

Lillia Von Manngold (Lyla), 1998, AHR#12058-98  SOLD

Big mare who is the dam of Apple.  She is very SMOOTH>>>> to ride.  Easy going girl who prefers
to walk and trot over canter.  Extremely good as a trail horse.  Very nice to drive also.

Videos:  bareback

Amber Rose (Cara), 2005, AHR# SOLD

Nice mare with trail, western pleasure and dressage training.  Great forward horse who
enjoys getting out on trail.  Brave and has a nice canter. 


Tawney, dob 5/27/2004, AHR#25561-04 SOLD

Videos: trail obstacles/desensitizing riding western w/t/c

Char's Taffy SPF, AHR#26220-05, dob 3/16/2005 SOLD

Nice Red coloration.  Stout mare.  She is people friendly and great with kids.
Taffy will drive single and team.  She rides well for kids or adults.  She has a son named
Nissan's Nitro SPF who won the Championship Draft yearling stallion at the AHR 2011 Futurity.

Pictures: Videos: first video ride and drive

Merino MMH, 1998, AHR#11566-98 SOLD


Videos: first ride











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