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St. Sunday's Star (Saint) Purchased by Mr. Dirk Slootem of Woodland, CA


Echo-purchased by John and Lori Arnold

Puppy-Registered American Miniture horse

Basket- Sold to Lyne Peterson of Sacramento, CA

Halflinger love...Holly Berry and Ms. Knight,

Martina-Sold to Tiffany Congratulations!!

Cupid has a great new owner Anne Williamson!

She will be pampered by all the kids and loving adults Anne teaches to love and care for horses

Story has a new home with Joan Clarke


Sold to Rebecca of Danville and she loves his kind attitude

Lora is sold to Sussane of Redding, Congratulations

Greg and Mary Heck are enjoying Ames!

Anne also purchased Fiona as a member of her Haflinger herd!

Copper's 2005 foal Comet is also going to reside in Palermo with Tina Sorenson!

Shawnee will be staying her in Redding with Pennie Bakken, congratulations!!

Bart lives with Holly Love in Brentwood

Louise lives with Michelle in Arizona

Crystal lives with Leanne Baxter in San Gregario

Rosy lives with Karen King in McArther

Shelby is now called Ima and lives with Monica Johnson in Cottonwood

Sis (ss to simple) lives with Peggy and Pat in Cottonwood

Chica has a wonderful home with Kathy in Fortuna!

Krystal will be happy driving and entertaining the kids with Lynn and Gordan!

Lawri did so well with Tina she is going for her personal riding mare!

Penny will be working with Tina now!

News Flash is a head turning gelding that lives with Trinett in Janesville

Barbetta lives with Jennifer in Woodacre

Cee Kathy is living with Carina in Canada, along with Nalani, Cinderella and Mack.

Watch for Cee Kathy in the dressage ring!

Nina now lives with Kathy in Auburn

Bonnie is living with Jennifer in Woodacre

Darla is living with Bridgette in Redding

Marci and Brian will be riding together in Redding

Winner will be working in Susanville with Lisa

Color has gone to join Candice on the coast

Peanut lives with Kelly in Oregon

Cagey Ann is living with Shirley in Grass Valley

Amor lives with Joy in Auburn

Midas is on the coast with Sally

Atretes lives with Kris here in Redding

Captain is now with Neil and Beth

Amos will be living with Janeen in Medford

Laci is living with Karyl in Palermo


Wiley now lives with Sharon in Valley Center

Holly Lurray now lives with Phyllis in Auburn

CandyMay now lives with Jeanette in Burney

Her Majesty lives with Joan!!

Mojo lives with Karen in Palo Cedro

Jackie Rabbit lives with Donna in southern Ca.

Paladin lives with Phyllis in Auburn!

Stormy lives with Sara in New Mexico

Makena now lives with Julie and Ronnie

Asa lives with Marilyn

Biery lives with Shauna at B by B farm

cece lives with Sue in Chico

Cashmere lives with Susan in S.california

Dixie lives with Vickie in Tehachapi

Doneda lives with Kathy in Redding

Fancy lives with Dixie in Hayfork

Fiona lives with Tara and Charlotte

Higgins lives with Chava in Alaska

Flower lives with Tracy in Elk Grove

Frosty lives with Jenny in So. Cal


Bethany will live in Preston Wa with Lisa!

Jolene will live with Carol in Visalia!

CeCe lives in Arbuckle with Lisa

Joy now lives in Marin with Joseph and Jennifer

Tia lives in Oregon with Shin and Kelly

Mighty is with Mike and the BOK therapy group

Schmucki lives with Alayne in Paradise

Serra lives with Darline in San Miguel

Star Lynn lives with Darline in San Miguel

Breena lives with Randy in California

Candlelite lives in Bishop with Cheryl

Flash lives in Mt. Shasta with Karin

Laura lives in Hemet with Judy

Lady lives with Jerry and Candy in Hemet along with her teammate Shannon

Wiggles lives with Danielle in Redding

Ceyla's Holly lives with Jerry and Candy in Hemet

Destiny is also with Jerry and Candy

Skyler is living in Hemet also with Jerry and Candy

Fella and her colt live with Gail in Shingle Springs

Candy is living with April in California

Dee lives with Jamie in Washington

Fern will be living with Kathleen in Washington after her foal is weaned

Franjelico lives with Vienna and her daughters in Pebble Beach

lollie lives with Joan and Bob in Willits

Drew lives with Christina in Grants Pass

Toby lives with Vicki and her daughter in Oklamhoma

Susie lives with Ann in Mojave

cowgirl lives with Jennifer in Petaluma

Mocha lives with Ginger in Redding

Popcorn will live with Bev in Petrolica

Collinda lives with Barbara in Oregon House



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