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MACK VVH DOB 5/7/2001 AHR#17300-01 sold

ART, dob 1/29/2005, AHR#25843-05  sold

Whim, dob, 2001, AHR#   SOLD


Calvin, foxtrotter, dob 3/27/1998, Rambler's Eternal Promise, M.F.T.A. #98-565596

Nakari (Frosty), dob 5/13/2007 AHR#29120-07   SOLD

Mountaineer Jack, (Red) dob 1/20/2003 HBO registered, AHR pending. SOLD

KC ROYAL W., foxtrotter, dob 5/22/1996,  M.F.T.A.#92-38756 SOLD

Andante of Lilac Farms (Elvis), AHR#25761-05 born 5/8/2005  SOLD

Noble Shadow Host, dob  AHR#24790-04 SOLD

McArthur WPA,  (Mack) dob 7/18/1999 AHR#14101-99 sold

Paladin, dob 2005, AHR#   SOLD

Wynton Star, AHR# 29152-07 dob, 4/9/2007 SOLD

Nochman, barn name INDY AHR#13865-99, born 2/28/1999

Magnifico (Mani) dob 3/1/2007 AHR#29122-07  SOLD


Nolan JMY, dob  AHR#24245-04 SOLD

AMOS, DOB 2003    , AHR#  sold

Ramona HCF, AHR# 18222-01, born, 2001  SOLD

Pretty Lady, ahr#9208-97 , dob 2/21997  SOLD

Neima May, AHR#   , born 3.31.2007  sold

C-SkiBunny (Bunny), dob 3/21/2007 AHR#30801-07  SOLD

Larissa Wulf, dob 5/2/2003 AHR# 21822-03  SILVER CLASSIFIED  sold

DONEDA, ahr#5842-94 dob 3/14/1994, imported, branded, microchipped  sold

Her bloodlines can be seen here:

Cee Kathy, dob 2/14/2003, AHR#  SOLD

Karena of Maple Grove, 4/1/2000, AHR#  SOLD


FERN, born 4/20/2004 AHR#25162-04 sold

MISTY, born 3/16/2003, Registered name Misty's Barb FM #21641-03     SOLD

Pumpkin, born 5/14/2003, Registered name A Good Deal of Ellenboro #22859-03  SOLD

PAIGE, born 1994, haflinger mare.  SOLD

Watson, dob, 2/1/1999 sold

ART LURRAY, AHR#          ,  born 2005    SOLD

WHINNY, (reg. Wylie RBHF) #26298-05, born 4/21/2005   SOLD

Rexel, dob 3/2/1998 AHR#12082-98  SOLD

Rexel is the daughter of Adorno (an Amadeus son, and full brother to two time World Champion Abendstern) and out of Romanze, a daughter of Waldfalk. 2nd in the 2005 AHR National Produce of Dam Class with her first two colts by NANDO New Millenium Nando 04/04/04, (Nando x Rexel). This was her first foal and he won the prestigious SIP class at the AHR Nationals.                                                 Nando’s Class Act, born 3/18/2005 winner of the 2005 weanling stallion class (18 competitors)                                                                                                     Razz Ma Tazz, born 1/1/2007    Never say Never HNMH, born 5/3/2009


BIERY TOF, AHR#5808-94 dob 3/7/1994  sold

Lightning Strikes, dob 2005 AHR#  Sold

CASHMERE, (CASH)  born 5/25/2003, AHR#22958-03  SOLD

LUCKY LADY, born 2003, AHR#                 SOLD

FLOWER, born 1994, AHR#   SOLD

Piper, born 3/6/2005 AHR#25906-05  sold

LORAINE, AHR#23131-03 dob 7/19/03  SOLD

FIONA,  born 3/8/1996 AHR#8060-96  SOLD

Limited Edition, (EDDIE), ahr#     , dob 1993 sold


Her bloodlines can be seen here:


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