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BC Andromeda, arabian mare born 9/15/2008   AHA#644093

Proven reliable endurance horse. Her owner has moved and she is looking for a new partner. Andromeda stands 14.1 hands and was a first endurance horse for her rider. she helped her learn to go the miles and LOVE it. strong mare. has NO ISSUES. In 2017 she had a foal, she was a GREAT mom. She was started professionally, had lots and lots of wet saddle blankets. Out of a proven endurance stallion and dam. Andromeda can easily do 50's. Aerc# H53810 BC Andromeda (Mara) She is a candidate for 100 mile rides. She has the balance, desire and love of riding that makes a great partner. Very used to mountains. Very used to crossing steep hills, water and deal with all the demands of long distance riding. She completes what she starts and would like to find a rider who wants to go out and live the adventures of trail ridding! If you are interested in the sport or are already involved in long distance riding Andromeda would love to get to know you. asking thirty five hundred but owner is looking for the best fit of new owners.

She rides in a snaffle, or a tom thumb. She has a great whoa. Long ground covering strides. High ties or stays in simple day corals for rides. eats and drinks well on trail. Easy going mare who is not complicated. gets along well in herds. is very clean in a stall. trailers, loads, ties and is great at vet checks.

lots of photos years 2014-2018

JAGUAR SA, arabian gelding born 5/26/2005 registered.#620403

Videos:  free lunging snaffle bit soft  arena basics in a tom thumb bit basic canter left lead basic canter right lead  video 10/22/2107 current pics and video




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