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Contessa OOS Price  5800
DOB-6/6/2003  Size 58+ inches
Sire-Neumeister TOF
Dam-Confetti OOS
About 14.2H and STOUT.  Dark red in color, lots of mane. Super eye catching.  Sane. Shown in halter a good bit until two, lunges well. 
this is going to be a mare solid for western riding.  Looking for a Western Dressage prospect? Reiner or just a great trail mare?
 Now working under saddle for lunging, tarps, soccer, trail obstacles and groundwork.
Amazing movement.  Balanced, athletic and free motion throughout her shoulders and hips.  Deep dark red coloration and white mane and tail!
Her owner lost her boarding barn and so Contessa is up for sale.  This mare is steady  she knows how to ride.  If you are an advanced rider she will
meet you by giving you turnbacks, lead changes, side passing, leg bends, all four quarters can be controlled by leg or seat.  If you are a beginner
riding she will go slow and steady.  contessa rides in a snaffle or tom thumb.  she takes a wide tree saddle.  she is 1100# and is an easy keeper.
If you are a serious rider she needs either boots or shoes.  If you just go out for easy 1-3 hour walking or trotting rides she will stay barefoot.
SOLID hooves.  All four dark hooves.  FANTASTIC whoa.  Say the word or just seat deep.   Is ready for neck reining if you choose.  she will
ride off leg and will pony another horse.  Trail manners are excellent.  lead, follow or walk and talk.  Ignores cell phones, jackets, dogs etc.

videos:  learning canter  walk trot 5/5/2016 5/5/2106 w/t/canter  august 2016 w/t/c 10/12/16 wtc  no shoes or boots fully barefoot  May turnbacks  Sarah and Contessa jumping for fun April 2017    Sarah and Contessa bareback riding april 2017




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