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Minimal rider experience* (see definitions below) HORSE'S NAME (click on names to see PICTURES) Year born height in hands Breed / gender RIDING TRAINED *see legend below Driving trained minimal driver experience* (see below) FAMILY HORSE? good with kids canter time on trail shown, notes awards or notes picture Price
beginner Beanies Missy MW 2004 14.2 mare riding well, trail parade, w/t/c learning canter yes beginner yes learning lots cart   4800
adv. beginner Amigo 2003 15.1 APHA gelding money earner at sorting, multiple competions 25 and 50 mile endurance, lesson horse youth and adult no   yes yes yes lots sorting money earne 5500
adv. beginner Gemee 2013 14 Haflinger


rides well w/t/c, started cart single yes novice + yes yes lots     7500
adv. beginner Harley 2009 14.3 Apha gelding rides well w/t/c, Trail, works cattle no             4800
adv. beginner Dakota 2010 15 haflinger mare riding well w/t/c no yes yes no both parents Silver Classified HUGE stride, great dressage prospect!   6000 sale pending




TIMID BEGINNER Person who has seldom to never been around horses, OR person who has had a bad experience and needs an EXTREMELY calm, gentle horse. Horse is well trained and is suitable for a therapy riding program, lesson program and is very calm
Beginner Person who has been around horses and is learning to ride.  First time horse owner, youth rider just learning to ride Horse is well trained and is suitable for a therapy riding program, lesson program and is calm but may have energy if asked
Advanced Beginner Person who rode as a youth, person in lessons, rider able to walk/trot/canter on their own. Youth in lessons and/or trail time Horse is well trained and is suitable for a therapy riding program, lesson program and is calm, horse will to w/t/canter.  Any energy level as long as it is well behaved
Novice Person is riding well.  Trail time, show time or playdays.  Person is good around horses and knows to read horses behavior/manners.  Horse is trained but needs additional time schooling for trail/show or some riding/driving
Intermediate Person is willing to train/school horse. Horse needs additional schooling/training.  Is riding under saddle or driving in harness.
Experienced Person able and willing to train a horse from the ground up.  Person willing to send the horse into training with a trusted trainer.  Horse at any level of training

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